Do You Want to Know the Secret to Success?

Are You Ready to Take the Next Giant Leap to Build or Improve Your Own Thriving Company?

For the first time ever, I am running a brand new all day workshop: How to Become an Expert, Be Paid as You Sleep, Speak on Stage, Run Successful Events in 2024 and Generate Free Leads!

I will be sharing my expertise in:

  • Professional speaking
  • Teaching you how to become experts in your chosen field of business
  • How to take your business abroad
  • How to generate profit through selling services online
  • How to run successful events that will cause you to generate free secret leads that no one else is utilising.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Giant Leap to Build or Improve Your Own Thriving Company?

  • Do you have anxiety when speaking publicly? 
  • Have you been made redundant and are looking for a new opportunity?
  • Are you ready to utilise your full potential and achieve an income that reflects it? 
  • Are you unhappy in your career and ready for a change?
  • Are you a stay-at-home parent looking to generate revenue from your passion? 
  • Are you a business owner who wants to take your company to the next level?
  • Are you an author who wants more sales and also be paid as you sleep from your book? (Publishers are not aware of this secret strategy!)
  • Are you a coach, consultant, or a therapist who wants to increase your awareness and need new clients who need your help NOW?
  • Would you like to speak on stage for the first time and even have a professional show reel to use for further speaking opportunities in the UK and internationally with an increased chance to be paid to speak?
  • Would you like to run your own successful events and have no idea where to start or have you held unsuccessful events that had poor turn out?
  • Are you interested in discovering how to generate 500 hot leads and all for free, saving you THOUSANDS of pounds on advertising on Facebook and Google Ads?

If you have answered YES to anyone of these questions, keep reading to find your answer!

My upcoming all day workshop will provide you with all the answers and teach you ways to break through the hurdles that have stopped you from succeeding until now!

Who is Des O’Connor?

I am the UK’s number 1 consultant for creating women business leaders worldwide and empowering them to speak on stage

I create women (and men) business experts worldwide, inspire them to lead, and empower them to speak on stage.

I’m honoured to be an award-winning entrepreneur and industry-leading business coach, having received recognition such as:

  • 2013 Relationship Coach of the Year – Association for Professional Coaches, Trainers, and Consultants (APCTC) with 2 more awards to follow.
  • Bestselling Author – contributing author to “Coach Wisdom”
  • Founder of Social Media Marketing Events
  • Founder of Women In Business Events
  • International Speaker; has spoken at business and professional conferences throughout the UK, Dubai and in the U.S. and other international markets
  • Have successfully organised and hosted 14 Women in Business events, a catwalk audition in 2021, Social media marketing events and dating/relationship conferences

But the most important recognition to me is the fulfillment and meaning that comes from making a positive difference in my clients lives, and building a stronger community for all of us as entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Here is the First Option Which You will Benefit From Attending this all Day Workshop! (Live or Virtual)

How to Speak on Stage and Speak in the UK and Internationally in 2024…

Are you a first-time speaker? Allow me and other expert speakers to show you how to bypass other novices and equip yourself with the skills to take the stage by storm!
I will providea range of services that Iwill cover in the workshop that will aid in your public speaking journey!

You may have already spoken a few times on stage but are struggling to get more opportunities.

At this exciting workshop you will discover:

-How to find other speaking opportunities that will not only value your knowledge but will provide you with further business benefits.

-How to build your confidence when speaking on stage

-How to generate leads for more business exposure

-How to use platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn for the growth of your brand or business.

The world is your stage - UK, US and beyond!

Learn how to adapt your speaking strategy depending on the country in which you find yourself. Practices in other countries vary, this is why I am sharing my own experiences on how you should adjust your style to be palatable to different nationalities. 

5 Important points you need to consider when speaking!

  1. No-one will contact you out of the blue and invite you to speak on their platform  – it simply does not work like that!
  2. Most speakers unfortunately have a massive ego (please do not portray yourself as one of these types of people-as this will definitely damage your sales, reputation and income) as people will talk about you all on social media.
  3. By swearing on stage will lose you 40% of the audience especially if they are religious and have children in the room –please refrain from swearing on stage – it is simply not necessary and will lose you a lot of money.
  4. There are speakers who state that “they never pay to speak on stage” or frown at the opportunity – which yet again is all about their ego and lack of confidence – imagine having your target 100 in attendance audience in an event – If you invested for e.g. £1000 to sell to them for a presentation – on average 10% convert depending on how good you are – that is £20,000 in sales and a whopping £19,000 profit. Does this make sense to you now?
  5. Also, speakers who refuse to invest in their speaking career would rather spend thousands on Facebook ads, website design and other marketing services! Why? You are allowing your competitors to steal your clients!

Do you have anxiety when speaking publicly?

From body language, pacing, engagement and speaking with confidence, I am going to show you how your on-stage presence can mirror the passion you have inside of you! 

Have you always dreamed of travelling the world? 

Why not get paid to do so? 

The world is more connected than it has ever been before. This means there are business opportunities just waiting to be ceased from all around the globe. 

Interested in finding out where your professional speaking journey could take you?

These Are The Only 3 Ways to Speak on Stage!


  • Provides huge exposure to quickly establish yourself as an expert. 
  • Generate new profitable leads. 
  • Gain further speaking opportunities in the other two options.


Paid to Speak / Keynote Speaker
  • Become established and invited to speak at events.
  • Charge a higher fee to speak on stage. 
  • Join speaker’s bureau and agencies to increase your exposure.


Pay to Play – Guarantees you a speaking slot
  • Investing in your professional development.
  • Generate premium leads. 
  • Sell your services from the stage and keep 100% of the profit. 
  • Guaranteed to speak on stage and bypass your competitors

Why is a Professional Video Show Reel So Important for Professional Speakers?


Why am I qualified to speak on this subject?

My previous events have featured celebrity guests such as Rachel Elnaugh, the first woman to appear on Dragon’s Den!

Let Me Show You That No Matter Your Area of Expertise, it Can Be Turned Into a Thriving Business!

Here is the Second Option Which You Will Benefit From Attending this All Day Workshop

What is an Expert?

A person who is very skilled or knowledgeable in a particular area
  • Do you need promotional material to help the exposure of your brand or business?
  • Do you want to know the latest marketing trends and tools?
  • Do you want to learn how to make your brand stand out from the rest?

You don’t need to have a degree, masters or a piece of paper to qualify you as an authority/expert!

On this workshop, you’ll discover

  • How To Master on “How to Be perceived as an expert” to increase your brand awareness.
  • Why the importance of your positioning as an authority/expert is so key – I set out to be the UKs number 1 consultant for creating women business leaders worldwide and empowering them to speak on stage and I have 100% achieved this with not one competitor 
  • How to Overcome “Not Being Recognised” and Bypass your competitors
  • Plus more examples and secret strategies Based on hundreds of techniques That I have tried and tested

I will reveal crucial business techniques and secrets that the industry tries to gate keep. You will not find the information shared by me and the other speakers anywhere on the internet. If all the answers were just a Google search away, no business would fail!

Date: Sunday 28th January, 2024

Time: 9.00am - 6:00pm

Holiday Inn London – Kensington High St. Wrights Ln, Kensington, London W8 5SP, UK. (Nearest Tube Station - High Street Kensington)

Men Are Also Welcome to Attend


Do you have an elevator pitch or Mission statement? You will leave this workshop with the tools to
create a powerful one for your social media,
website and other marketing platforms When people think of you what do you want
them to emotionally feel?

I will give you First class advice on how to write an eye-catching Mission Statement and elevator pitch to captivate your desired niche!

My previous events have featured celebrity guests such as Rachel Elnaugh, the first woman to appear on Dragon’s Den!

It was such a pleasure to speak at Des’s Women in Business event. Also, I have already manifested numerous paying clients as a result of speaking – plus many new speaking offers and JV opportunities – so it was financially rewarding, as well as being great fun!

Here is the Third Option Which You Will Benefit From Attending this All-Day Workshop

How to Be Paid as You Sleep

Are you ready to start creating income while you sleep?

On this workshop, you’ll discover:
Don’t worry, this isn’t a complicated process and I will share a live demonstration for all attending

This workshop doesn’t just stop with getting entrepreneurs set up with their digital services but provides comprehensive marketing and brand strategy advice that will maximise revenue and ensure people discover your services online.

The best way to create your own courses is to order the best video capturing software which is called Camtasia which you simple download onto your PC and start to record your content.

Order a top recording microphone called Blue Yeti

Order a top camera from Anker or Logitech and then you are good to go.

You can use Zoom to record, however, if you have a technical issue in the middle of recording then you would have to re-record, however with Camtasia you can edit your recording (simply like a video recorder) and it’s very easy to use and we also provide unlimited coaching on how to use this software.

If you attend this workshop you will discover how you can have access to all of this for FREE.

Here is the Fourth Option Which You will Benefit From Attending this All Day Workshop

How to Run Your Own Successful Events in 2024…

I don’t use any form of advertising as these don’t guarantee a good turn out I will share my 28 top ways on how to guarantee you have a packed out and successful event

Be Ready to Discover:

The Top 7 Mistakes People Make When Running an Event

  1. Main reasons are to make money and stroke their ego which takes away the complete focus on the most important aspect – providing value to the audience
  2. They don’t plan the event well in advance and gain advice from the wrong people 
  3. They think holding an event in their town which is not central is a good idea for them, but the venue is the most important aspect of running an event and must be easy access with good transport.
  4. Plan how to monetise from the event as there are several ways and if you are just starting out, then no one will really be aware of you, that’s why you can’t do it all alone and need a good team but finding them is so difficult as most people won’t help you for free.
  5. You must have an agreement in place and have supporting speakers on board and a good theme for the event.
  6. Marketing – you must have some knowledge and not just post on social media as you would need some insight into digital marketing. I am expert in the field of CRM, mobile marketing and so much more.
  7. Be prepared to possibly make a loss or break even on your first few events so it’s advisable to start on small events around 50 attendees and have a good relationship with the venue, preferably a classy hotel if you want to be taken seriously.

On my workshop I will share my top 28 tips on how to run successful events and also show you how to conduct your contract!

Let me show you how to draw a crowd of people who will hang onto your every word!

Here is the Fifth and Final Option Which You Will Benefit From Attending This All Day Workshop

How to Generate FREE Hot Leads in 2024

Discover how I generated 500 FREE leads without paying thousands on advertising

How to get unlimited calls who want to invest/work with you – without this initial step it’s impossible to be paid

I have been in this industry for a vast number of years and have gained a lot of knowledge to pass down to whoever wants to hear it..

Be Ready to Discover:

Do You Want to Have the Best Start to 2024?

So in 2024:

Do you want to become an authority in professional speaking?

Are you ready to build a thriving business? 

Is it time that your dream of success becomes a reality? 

Do You Want to Attend This Exciting All Day Workshop?

You Can Attend the Live Event in a Top Class Hotel in London?

Would you like to access this event via Zoom instead?

Would You Like to Have Lunch, Refreshments and Bonus

Gifts to Help You to Prepare Yourself in 2024 to be Successful?

If the answer is a resounding YES!, make sure to procure your ticket before they sell out!

Tickets Are Now on Sale ONLY 30 Live Tickets Available and They Will ALL Be SOLD OUT – GUARANTEED

Book your tickets to the upcoming workshop now!

Bronze £17

  • Virtual (Zoom Access) £17 Worth £197
  • All day virtual access to the workshop
  • Digital bonuses worth £100

Silver £29 (worth £497)

  • Includes lunch
  • All day live access to the
  • Digital bonuses worth £500

Gold £47 (worth £997)

  • Includes lunch and refreshments
  • All day live access to the workshop
  • Digital bonuses worth £1000
  • Free business course/consultation and questionnaire with Des O’Connor (worth £497

Platinum £97 (worth £1997)

  • Includes lunch and refreshments
  • All day live access to the workshop
  • Digital bonuses worth £3000
  • Free business course/consultation and questionnaire with Des O’Connor (worth £497)
  • 5 virtual tickets to give to friends to access (worth £985) A pair of silver tickets to giveaway (worth £994 each)
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