Achieve Brilliance: Speak at the DOC Achieve Shoe Launch Empowerment Event!

Saturday, 30th November 2024 | 6:00 PM – 1: AM

Join us for an evening of elegance, innovation, and networking at the prestigious DOC Achieve Shoe Launch Event, hosted by Des O’Connor. Celebrate the fusion of fashion, technology, and empowerment with up to 200 industry leaders, influencers, and innovators.

Why Speak at Our Event?

1. Unparalleled Exposure

Showcase your expertise and insights in front of a curated audience eager for new ideas and business strategies. Each 2-minute speaking slot provides a platform to highlight your vision and achievements.

2. Premier Networking

Connect with professionals from diverse industries. Our after-party provides a relaxed setting to mingle with potential collaborators, clients, and business leaders—maximize your network in one night!

3. Boost Your Brand

Being a speaker at this glamorous event places you and your brand in the spotlight, enhancing your professional image and credibility in front of an elite audience.

4. Limited Slots for Maximum Impact

With only 10 slots available and 6 already taken, each speaker receives focused attention from the audience, ensuring your message is heard loud and clear.

5. An Evening of Celebration

Enjoy a night filled with inspiration, fashion, and achievement. Speakers can also partake in the exclusive DOC Shoes product unveiling and enjoy special privileges throughout the event.


There are Only 3 Ways to Guarantee You an Opportunity to Speak on Stage!


This is the first stepping stone to lead you to paid speaking opportunities. You may be invited to speak at a family gathering (a wedding, a family event etc) or if you have friends who hold events, they may invite you to come and speak. This will initially be a point of practice as it is not possible to gain a speaking opportunity out of the blue.

But what this will enable you to do is:

• Huge exposure to quickly establish yourself as an expert.

• Generate new profitable leads.

• Gain further speaking opportunities in the other two options.

Paid to Speak / Keynote Speaker

A step up from the first, what will be able to get you to this status is to join speaker’s bureau’s, forums or groups where you can gain a small following.

What this level will enable you to do is:

• Become established and invited to speak at events.

• Charge a higher fee to speak on stage.

• Join speaker’s bureau and agencies to increase your exposure.

Pay to Play – Guarantees you a speaking slot

The final step in your elevating speaking career! By reaching this stage you will be able to:

• Invest in your professional development.

• Generate premium leads.

• Sell your services from the stage and keep 100% of the profit.

• Guarantee to speak on stage and bypass your competitors

As you are now informed of the 3 main ways of speaking on stage, before you go running- -you must know the 5 most important points before you consider speaking on stage:

• No-one will contact you out of the blue and invite you to speak on their platform – it simply does not work like that

• The most important statistic we can share with you is that only 8% of entrepreneurs seek professional help when learning to speak publicly on stage in order to discover profitable event opportunities. This leads to a loss of leads, profits and overall success.

• By swearing on stage will lose you 40% of the audience especially if they are religious and have children in the room – please refrain from swearing on stage – it is simply not necessary and will lose you a lot of money

• Speakers who refuse to invest in their speaking career would rather spend thousands on Facebook ads , website design and other marketing services.. Why?? You are not only leaving money on the table but allowing your competitors to steal your clients.

• There are speakers who state that “they never pay to speak on stage” or frown at the opportunity – which yet again is all about their ego and lack of confidence – imagine having your target 100 in attendance audience in an event – If you invested for eg £1000 to sell to them for a presentation – on average 10% convert depending on how good you are – that is £20,000 in sales and a whopping £19,000 profit. Does this make sense to you now?

Special Offer for Speakers

For just £197, secure one of the few remaining speaking slots at this landmark event. This is not just a speaking opportunity—it’s a chance to be part of a community that values innovation and style.

Don't Miss Out!

Slots are filling fast, and this is an exclusive opportunity to shine at a high-profile event. Book your speaking slot today and achieve more than just exposure—become a part of a movement that celebrates style, technology, and empowerment at the DOC Achieve Shoe Launch Event.

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